Have You Heard of Pink Slime?


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Pink Slime Time !! (Tina, the last batch of textured beef) ... 'Pink slime' company files for bankruptcy amid controversy over the ammonia treated filler --- known in the industry as 'lean, finely textured beef' (2 April 2012) ...

I guess I had better start reading more stories when I come across them instead of just skipping over them like I have been. I’d seen Pink Slime listed before but didn’t pay that much attention to what it was all about. Tonight when looking for something to write about I see this post on the blog The Daily Radish so I started reading it to see what’s it’s all about. The title of the post was Why Should Vegetarians Care About Pink Slime? As it turns out pink slime is some sort of filler that meat packing plants put in hamburger as filler and is contained in about 70% of all the ground beef.

Why Should Vegetarians Care About Pink Slime?

What’s pink slime?

It’s the filler that was used by the leading meat producers to produce a cheaper ground beef product. Pink slime is made up of the bits and pieces that used to be relegated to dog and cat food and to make it “safer” and more stable, it was washed in ammonia before being incorporated into the ground beef sold in supermarkets. It soon came out that the leading fast food restaurants were the biggest customers of “pink slime.”

After reading that I’m sure glad I’m not eating any of that ground beef and am on a vegan diet. So why should I care about pink slime then. From reading more I  learn that if meat producers can get away with having pink slime then what are produce growers doing that might put me in danger from eating vegetables. Well it looks like there  are several things to worry about.


Why Should Vegetarians Care About Pink Slime?

Why Does This Matter to Non-Meat Eaters?

The two biggest points about this whole revelation are that

1. Big business doesn’t care about the quality and safety of the food we’re eating.


2. If we make enough noise, big business will have to change the way it produces our food.

Pink slime isn’t just an issue for people who buy ground beef in the supermarket or hamburgers at the drive-thru. It matters to vegetarians, too. Most of the produce being sold in our grocery stores is grown using unsafe pesticides and fertilizers and treated with chemicals to make it look better, ship better and store better.

So from what I take from all this is that if we as a group stand up and protest what goes on with all the food that we are purchasing then we can make a difference in what is used on our food and how it is handled.This all just makes me think more and more about being able to produce most of the food I comsume and that way I know exactly how it’s grown and what was used in the growing process.

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