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Why do a vegan diet.

10 Tips on Becoming a Joyful Vegan

I know that once a person has made the choice to go on a vegan diet there can be many things that can get in the way of sticking it out. Sometimes it would be so easy just to call it quits and go back to your old way of eating. I know at times […]

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The Best Diet Program for Humans

Dr McDougall in the video explains what the best diet is for humans. He explains that every animal has a certain kind of diet that is best for them. And we as humans are not different. He explains that there seem to be too many different ways of describing this diet such as vegetarian, vegan, […]

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Reduce Inflammation With a Vegan Diet

I’m always looking at ways that a vegan diet can be of help to people with different health problems. I’ve read in several places that inflammation can cause many different health problems. It’s even been said that it’s inflammation that causes heart problems not the colestrol. That the build up in the artieries if caused […]

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